Sculpt direction improvements

Hello! Amazing app, super fun to use! It has re-sparked my interest towards sculpting. However there are some things I miss from some other programs, so I’m hoping they could be added in the future.

  • Ability to lock the sculpting effect of the stroke to the current angle of the camera

  • Ability to lock the sculpting effect of the stroke to the angle of the first normal that is hit

I feel these would allow the app to be better used for sculpting things like rocks or cliffs. Current behaviour conforms to the nearby normals a bit too much, no matter what settings I try to change. This is great for characters but it’s hard to preserve hard angles.

If I’ve missed some features I apologize :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

I suppose the different stroke type didn’t solve your issue?

Do you have any YouTube video of the brush behavior you are talking so that I could get a better idea?

I could try experimenting by locking the alpha plane but I don’t know if it would work as we would expect.

Hey! Should’ve linked some videos right away since these things are sometimes a little hard to explain. :slight_smile:

What I’m basically after would be settings that would let me use the clay/flatten brushes in a way that would more resemble the TrimSmoothBorder brush in Zbrush (1st video), or this custom PlanarCut brush for Mudbox (2nd video).

In addition, instead of pushing the mesh towards the averaged normals of the surface, would be nice if you could set your brush to push the mesh towards the camera. I couldn’t quickly find a video example of this, but it’s handy for flattening areas on the mesh based on viewing angle.

Ah yes I’ll do some improvements in that field at some point.

There is already a topic asking for trip adaptive and stuffs like that.

It’s not exactly the same but with :

  • the flatten tool
  • with the « one » falloff curve
  • and with « drag - dynamic radius/intensity » stroke type

You can have something a bit similar to the second video.

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Awesome!! I needed this.