Flatten brush - Now with tilt function!

First off; Great seeing all the new features and tweaks coming in! :muscle:

This might be a weird request from an android user, since I’m not sure how many android devices besides the S7+ that I use, which features tilt on the pen. Not sure if it’s on all apple’s tablets either, but here goes.

I love using the flatten brush, so much that smooth brush hardly gets any love. And with ‘lock plane’ on, it feels more like carving in to the sculpts, and that got me thinking…

Thinking, could it be possible to make Nomad work with tilt function? Specifically an option for the flatten brush?

Eg, you could tilt the flatten brush until the cursor/circle looks correct and push the clay in in that direction/angle with the sharp edge of the brush’s (cylindrical) shape in the direction you want it, instead of using smaller and smaller standard brushes or crease brush etc.
Convex shapes could maybe also be sculpted quicker and more confidently with this tool, since you wouldn’t have to check your angles as often when you’re removing material.

From my knowledge, zbrush also still doesnt support tilt, and maybe it’s a processing thing, idk. I just think it’s a waste not using that little bit of third dimension we have at our disposal :sweat_smile:

Keep on rockin!

I guess this is this kind of idea, you need to test.
Apple Pencil does a nice job with tilt… still I guess it would need some smart smoothing to work like we want. And tilt needs a pressure curve, as the more you tilt, less pressure is possible due to angle. It could be cool, but also confusing, an option like lock on plane…
Very curious how that would be to work with.

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If it could work, it would be a really intuitive way to make indentations.

I am by no means an expert when suggesting this, but for example when using the ‘lock plane’ to remove material around protruding geometry, I think “Man, if I could just lock to tilt I’d get this done in a few seconds”.

Again, I’ve tried to wrap my head around how pixols and normals work to no avail (it’s obviously black magic), so if it can’t be done, it can’t be done.

I’ll probably experiment with tilt at some point, not sure how it will feel so I’ll see.

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Awesome @stephomi Exciting news that it’s already on the board.
My birthday is in April and uhmm… I have a carving tool on my wishlist :sweat_smile: