Button for disabling temporarily the sculpting


I have been using Nomad Sculpt on ipad and iphone. I love it!

But, I started to gravitate towards using nomad on my iphone X because it is so super portable and I can sculpt anywhere anytime I have a free moment. The problem I have is that apple pencil doesn’t work on iphone, so I use basic active stylus that nomad doesn’t recognize as a stylus. This creates a little problem when zooming on the sculpt because unless I can click outside of the mesh I can’t really rotate around the model. This problem doesn’t exist on ipad because I can define interaction so fingers operate camera while pen operates sculpting. It would be amazing if there was an option to add a button, just like the smooth button, that when pressed it would disable the sculpt functionality. This way I could rotate canvas anytime. Hope this makes sense. I think it would make scultping on iphone even better. I know this is probably a niche request since I would imagine 99% of people use it on ipad, but sculpting on iphone is just so amazing, even when you do it on the couch, your hands don’t get tired at all from holding the device etc.

Anyway, it is already awesome, thank you for an amazing app!


As a quick workaround for you: if you two-finger touch to start a pan/scale, then lift one of your fingers, it will stay in camera-move mode, but will rotate instead. It’s not perfect, but it’s quick and I bet you’d get used to it pretty fast.

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OMG! That is awesome! I had no clue! Thanks!!!

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