Just bought it. I'll write about my impressions and quirks

Sculpting sometimes failed to initialize and move my view instead. I find this frustrating. Is there a way to fix this with some settings?

I am using pencil.

I just bought Nomad hoping to use it to sculpt something nice so I’m still learning about it’s features and quirks. Hopefully, more about features and less about quirks.

Fourth icon, top right, Gesture setting. Good luck with your exploration, always feel free to fire any queries out to the community, someone will always chime in to help.

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it simply means the pencil was on the mesh, not on the background.

Exactly. On first run, my impression was pencil on mesh does sculpting, pencil on background rotates view. So rotating view with the pencil ON mesh kind of ruined that impression. That maybe needs to be perfected. I found pencil on iPad working flawlessly.

Thanks Johb.
Decided to use fingers for view and pencil just for sculpting so I’ll see how that goes.

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That’s not how it works. Either you missed the surface or you had another finger on the screen already.

I wrote the opposite of what I wanted to write on my previous message.

It simply means the pencil was on the background, not on the mesh.

Hi Stephomi. I appreciate you wish to help. It happens only occasionally. If I have time, I will do screen recording and post it here if it happens again, because I already changed settings.


A screen video wouldn’t help, because most of the time the culprit is the hand placement (palm wrongly detected by iOS as a second touch input).

A common mistake was also the “stroke offset” value at the bottom of the Stroke menu, but it’s disabled by default.
I’m 99% sure there is no bug on the sculpt/view handling.

I would be swarmed with bug reports otherwise (and this part hasn’t been changed since a year).

No need to be so protective. :slight_smile: To me, this was small issue I for which John found me an easy workaround. I am still learning to use app properly. What I write here is about my first impressios.

No problem here, and never heard of that on all social media platforms.
I use Nomad almost daily since one year.
But I learned navigation already in zBrush.

If you want to insist of a bug behind screen, you have to deliver a real video. :vulcan_salute:
Btw. Bug reports are more informative when OS, OS number and exact hardware is given as well. This will help to identify a possible problem.

Happy sculpting and don’t forget to post your work :wink:

Think of me as of stupid customer to proof UX of the software. Even tho…I used Z Brush and I am Blender user. Currently Nomad Sculpt is my option to go back into sculpting while sitting on couch.

I don’t think it’s a bug. It happens when I’m close to edge of mesh. Maybe there should be some small offset around the mesh I don’t know.

Can I lock view?

Yes, the “stylus sculpt only” was done with this purpose in mind.

You need to long press the cube on the top right to lock the view. You can still pan and zoom, only rotate is locked.

Yes the small offset has been requested a few times but I don’t really like the idea (you can then imagine people being frustrated that the camera doesn’t move but instead trigger the sculpt).
Maybe someday I’ll do an exception for the Move tool.

Hmm. I see why you don’t like offset idea. To me, locked view is needed when I want to focus on sculpting details without accidentally triggering rotation, panning or zoom. Especially with my palm. I would maybe like to have complete locked view but I will yet work with app to see if that’s needed at all.

We are all protective of Nonad, especially if we see cries of “bug” or “app doesn’t work how I want it to” when it’s simply lack of user knowledge or overly optimistic expectations of a mobile sculpting app. Go try sculpting in Forger (I think it’s free now?) and you’ll soon see where Nomad sits in the hierarchy.
In my opinion, Stephane is the least biased developer I have come across & is very open to suggestions of improvements, as long as they’re based in reality and come from an educated place. I see too many posts from brand new users who jump into “why doesn’t it do this, I want it to do that” instead of simply RTFM. Stephane has made a great manual for this app, but in absence of that, we’re all here to help.
BTW, welcome to the forum! This reply may come across as a bit of a rant directed personally at you, but it’s not. We know how good it is and don’t really need reviews from new users. I’m just passionate about this app and it’s development and think as soon as you’ve given it a good go, you’ll be sculpting on your couch and your ZBrush PC will be covered in dust and cobwebs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So far so good. I made this weird little creature from anoother planet so I don’t have to wory about anatomy.

I still stand by my words. Have a look at video I posted above. But I adjusted now. It happens rarely.

Joyful little app. So far I learned about workflow with blocking out shapes, move, brush, crease, smooth and paint tools with symmetry and already can do so much. Trim results are fantastic and performance and viewport render is just great on iPad 8th gen.

Looking forward to work with masks and trims and doing some more complex mesh groups to test it’s limits on this hardware.

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A12 Bionic bundled inside will run tasks just fine, just a bit slower for more intense operations (like voxel remesh) compared to more recent Apple chips, - the RAM however will be a big limitation, 3GB for system - probably leaves about a gig and half for Nomad thereabouts. Not ideal territory for complicated models involving high mesh detail, texturing and additional post processing. Befriend the decimation function early, it will help a lot.

Will dive into manual. Thanx a lot.

Unfortunately there’s no manual that will give you this information, this is just harvested knowledge from seeing a wealth of use from different iPad models, the testing I’ve done personally on an M1 8GB - and the fact I still own the older Air 3, which is basically identical to the iPad 8th gen just slightly larger screen size, internally they’re matched pound for pound where I’ve ran Nomad on. Either way, good luck dude, keep posting work!

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Started sculpting a head. From head. Freestyling.

Update. How do I create nice eye material?