Smart smooth for normals

I refined a nomad made Model in Blender and in there there is this thing called Smart smooth for normals to soften the objects but keep some hard angles, great for tubes… I imported it to Procreate and it is displayed correctly, but it isn’t read by Nomad. Nomad models are imported all in the same state. See images. I can make objects sharp or smooth independently but I lost the effect of the Smart smooth.

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Use pinch tool or crease inverted.

Well that would be to change the model, but it is finished fine as it is and looking correct in Procreate and Blender. This is more about the Smart smooth… also, that wouldn’t be the best to maintain low poly (like with a cylinder, it would mean to increase polys in the sides to make it smooth while maintaining the sharp edges).

Per vertex custom normal doesn’t play well with sculpting softwares, that usually handle tons of polygons with smooth normals. So I will likely never support them.

Maybe in the future I’ll add a angle threshold to swap between sharp vs smooth but it will be a global per-object settings, without control per vertex.

I think that last thing is it… it is a Smart Normal smoothing per Object.

Try to separate the objects like this when you do your rendering in nomad you can choose which object receives the smooth shading or not.

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Thank people for the tips but it’s not that I require help about modeling but asking specifically about that feature that isn’t compatible with Nomad sculpt just yet. Thanks anyway.