UI ideas - to help keep artists in creative mode

Hey so after my post about moving the snap cube on mobile thought it could be cool one day to remove some stuff from the UI to
Make it abit more neutral - to help keep artists in flowstate. ( zbrush is horrible at this, forger is probably the best on mobile for this)

Just some ideas. Hope it’s helpful :slight_smile:

I find that I don’t need most things when sculpting so maybe they could be tucked away abit more.

Few ideas.

  • quick view change arrows for snap cube - snap to left/right/bottom without having to drag and tap on the sides of the cube.
  • have a quick tool area where we can add 3-4 most used brushes. - customizable.
  • tap on tool icon to reduce the circle down.
  • Locate intensity and radius around the brush quick menu. Color changing as visual cue
  • all other options would be accessed from the nomad logo.
  • I use dyntopo a lot, and tend to change my settings frequently, slider for resolution.
  • hold the dyntopo button to swap slider to decimate- changing radial slider to blue. Etc. +/- quick up/down resolution buttons.
  • remove undo buttons as we probably all use 2 fingers - 3 fingers. So not needed.

Etc. If you need help sometime with any UI stuff let me know I’m happy to volunteer some UI help :).

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Nomad is mostly designed for tablet but also works on small screen. Nomad on the phone can be seen as a bonus.

I can’t afford to design 2 differents UI, so my current solution is to have something responsive (collapsable top icons, scrollable toolbox, etc)

I would say the current design is pretty much done for, I don’t plan on making UI overhaul anymore, but instead small iterations.

Note that on small screen, the “auto-hide” should really be checked. It frees up the right side.


Totally makes sense. Figured it would be a big change. :). Thanks I’ll try the auto hide feature! :).

Little tip:
I hided the control box since I‘ve put “snap camera” into down left shortcut menu. Just rotate camera till you are close to the view you want and tap “snap camera” If view is already snapped, it will flip to opposite site. That’s pretty cool and much faster and smaller than the box.

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Good idea thanks @knacki !