UX/UI Concept

To begin with this is not a request or a criticism to the interface of the app, it is simply a concept of how you could optimize the use of space in the app, I must say that I love the app and use it a lot and this is the idea I have after having used it for a long time and feel the need to have the layout of the elements in another way, this is only an approximation and if luckily for me it would be taken into account I am totally willing to collaborate in creating the complete UX / UI for free and without any credit . … I have been a ux/ui designer for more than 10 years, but my real passion is 3d and this is more like trying to give back some of what this app has given me and try to contribute a grain of sand …


This design has style, no doubt.
But where is the heart?
Where are the brushes?

fresh !! i hope this UI will be implemented on nomad too

the prototype of the design is not finished, it is only an approximation, as soon as I can I will update the design with where the brushes would appear, but the idea is that they remain in their usual place.

I’m not going to rewrite the whole UI but the « always visible toolbox » is my biggest issue so far with the current Nomad UI.
The hide toolbox option helps but still hesitant on making it a default.


If I can make one suggestion it’s to bring the partial visibility more front row, I didn’t even know it existed during my time on the last project. Lol. I know thats partially on me but I didn’t even know it was a supported feature at all.

@stephomi No pls don’t change UI- is Perfect right now!