Some thoughts on UI improvements (quick and dirty mockups included)

I know stephomi has alluded to ui changes being very low priority, and it’s already very excellent, but I thought i would post anyway for posterity, should he ever does decide to make changes…I think these will improve accessibility greatly:

It would be great to have persistent ui pickers for alpha and falloff curve (preferably with large, full-size popups- as currently they inherit the panel width setting).
I access these and change them quite frequently. I notice there’s a teeny tiny one for alpha in lower left screen, but I think it would be much more useful next to the brushes, as this way when you click a brush you get instant visual feedback of how that brush will behave.

This leads to my next point about panel docking. I tried using it, but i find the current implementation a little cumbersome…so i just don’t use it. Sometimes i want some panels docked but not others, and since the setting is in a separate panel, it requires a lot of zig-zagging and tapping back and forth across the screen. Maybe a small pin button on all the panels so the user can toggle on and off as they please would be better?

I think affinity photo does something like this.

I was thinking about making the pin thing as well.

That you can also find the « close on interaction » option in the about menu as well (nomad icon). It’s a bit easier to access than the one in the interface menu.

To make menu smaller for my 10,5” iPad, I checked slider inclined and played with scale. Gives a bit more information per square inch. It has it’s price in design look, but I love to have the options.
Affinity photo does nothing else than “close on interaction” If those pickers would exist for only parts of one panel, that could work and I guess that’s what you want.
The alpha preview on left is enough for me, to be honest. Same for curves would be cool though.