Feature suggestions

Dear dev please add a toggle button to quickly enable/disable darken unselected or outline selected, as well as hide/show gizmo widget without interrupting the workflow.

It would also be nice to have some more features for the View tool, like random lighting sample, I find trying out different lightings a little cumbersome in the current UI, or some easy toggling of transparency/colors etc. View could be a very useful tool.

Also an option to rearrange/reposition toggle buttons and size sliders would be nice too, like being able to swap position of the size sliders and the lower option buttons.

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If I listen to everyone, there would be a top-level shortcut for literally every features :slight_smile:.
So at this point I prefer to wait a little bit and maybe in the future offer more customization, especially for the bottom bar.

Hmm it shouldn’t be that hard, note that you can rotate the environment with 3 fingers on the canvas.
Also you can keep the menu opened even when you interact with the viewport if that’s the issue (Close panel on interaction in Interface menu).

It’s a bit tricky because there are some constraints,

  • the mask/sub/smooth shortcuts need to be sticky
  • not everything can fit on some screen, so I need to make sure the 2 sliders and the sub button are always visible.

Thanks for sharing the understanding from a developer’s point of view, I’d say compare to any app even desktop ones Nomad has the most friendly UI, glad to see it improve even further :smile:

Additional info: I mostly use my iPad on my lap or holding it in whatever position I’m in, very rarely on a flat surface I think that’s why some of the suggestions are made.