Feature request: minify UI gesture

The hidden UI feature is nice, but it takes too long to enable it for something that is turned on and off all the time. I think a 4 finger tap would be a good option for toggling it, it is also the default shortcut in Procreate.

In that case, it would also be a good idea to display a bespoke button for turning it off instead of the Nomad logo, so people don’t panic if they accidentally tap with 4 fingers and suddenly the whole UI is gone (also from Procreate, those guys are really good at making UIs, aren’t they :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Honestly the minify UI was a last minute change before the release.

I’ll add the 4 fingers shortcuts, but I might change it in the future.

Also clicking on the Nomad logo while in fullscreen mode will re-display the UI instead of opening the About popup.