Undo button / bottom UI /customizable UI

I just started using Nomad and I’m loving it so far.
I’m wondering if the Undo button could be moved to the left UI. Reaching to lower left corner really slows me down. Basically the bottom left UI placement is inconvenient for me, I wonder if it’s something that can be customizable in the future so we can customize our interface as we like and perhaps even have different workspaces for different use and users.

Thank you

You can flip the bottom shortcut bar in the interface settings, if that helps you.

Cool. Thanks.
I was thinking positionally more like procreate.
Any tools/UI at the bottom slows me down. Top, left and right side of the screen feels good. Of course this is personal preference, that’s why I thought it would be nice if we could have the option to customize our UI and save them as Workspaces

You can also use two finger tap as undo and three finger tap as redo. I don’t think I’ve used the undo button very much.

Thanks, Bezzo. This definitely helps.