Bottom shortcuts - MORE Options for this bottom menu

Now that it is possible to switch off all functions in the bottom menu, it would be practical to select other options as well.

Background / reference image ON/OFF would be nice

Or perhaps a multiresolution UP / DOWN option would also be possible

Or all Lights ON/OFF

Or post processing ON/OFF

I would even prefer the ADD PRIMITIVE + button in the bottom menu than in the top menu.

Or a SAVE button…

I personally have UNDO / REDO and the grid switched off and would like to use the space with another function


100% agree !
Specially Background / reference image ON/OFF


Yes. Would love Facegroups on/off down here (I mentioned an another post)

Yeah Nomad is getting so powerful, and everyone uses it slightly differently, that being able to add our own shortcuts to that bottom toolbar feels like it’d be really useful.

Maybe do it via the bindings menu? Another column that contains a checkbox, when enabled, that function is added to the bottom toolbar?

But if we’re gonna go pie in they sky requests, I’d love if we could customise the assistive window this way, so it could be placed anywhere on the screen.

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I agree. I like the idea of being able to add any of the functions in the bindings menu as an on screen shortcut. This could also be a solution for the many different specific requests people have for extra shortcuts. Each persons preferred extra shortcuts are likely to be different, and also different for different projects, so allowing us to choose pretty much anything answers all these requests at once!
If screen space/ mobile vs tablet design is an issue, I would be happy to keep the current maximum number of shortcuts, and just add and remove as required per project.