I hope there will be a more concise and beautiful UI interface in the future

I hope that the UI interface of the software can be designed to be more beautiful. At present, the UI interface is very similar to the software 10 years ago. Shapr 3D has a very beautiful UI interface. I hope that developers have enough funds to complete the optimization of the UI interface.

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Beauty is irrelevant in terms of functionality, which is what Nomad excels in. The UI in Nomad is optimised, and it can be customised with an array of colour themes and positional layouts. Not entirely sure what you mean by the request, but familiarising yourself with any software’s UI is essential to learning it, once you know it, it’s not really the UI what you need to stare at, you navigate it and perform commands, adding additional non-essential aesthetics for beauty can also end up looking clunky and mismanaged. iOS itself is a good example of efficient, clean, simple UI design with extreme functionality.

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Beauty is individual. To me Nomad is a beauty. Shapr is not.
What shall one do with this information?
What do you want to achieve? A redesign because of one complain?

Some people like Art Set, other Procreate, some like 3D coat, other zBrush or Mudbox, or even simplest UI of Sculptris.
All are right and wrong at same time.

Nomad has a very quick learning curve. The interface is very logical and easy to follow. It has a clear design with decent structure….What a beauty!


Poetic and also extremely valid. Nice input.

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Eu exatamente queria uma interface opcional parecida com a do blender

Eu acho esse tipo de interface muito bonita e complicado a do blender