Please stop with drastic UI changes

It makes tutorials impossible to follow and super frustrating. I was getting lost trying to learn Nomad Sculpt from tutorials just 6 months old because of all the UI changes. I tried a newer one that was only a few weeks old and surprisingly there were still UI changes that made it impossible to follow. Makes it super discouraging.

I guess not wanting to make bigger UI changes is what made ZBrush end up looking like ZBrush though


The app is constantly evolving and changing. Many people request features, UI changes, etc. and guess what? The Dev actually listens and makes changes based on user feedback!!

It may be frustrating, especially when getting started, but ultimately it’s for the betterment of the app and its users.


The tutorials will catch up, and I would ask instead for something like… Ability to revert to an older version. But as advancements are made, you’d miss out if you refused to catch up. Most upgrades can be put “on top” but a lot of other ideas kind of have to get into the working systems.

That’s for sure a subjectively speaking frustrating situation. But at the same time equally unreflected and selfish. the basic structure of the app is so simple that no tutorials are needed. The rest will follow. the app has so many active fans, that 30 seconds of searching on youtube will give you intros to all the latest features. Most of the features are self-explanatory with a little experimentation. The magic of this app also consists in the fact that it encourages experimenting and finding creative solutions

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well said!!

Do you have any suggestions for good intros based on the latest UI? Would love to learn the app.

If you’re looking on Youtube for actual tutorials for Nomad Sculpt, then:
Search term = Nomad Sculpt
Filter = Upload Date
so you will always find the latest tutorials with the latest Nomad UI.
In my tutorials you will also always find the upload date and the version number of Nomad Sculpt.


Molding clay together is certainly self-explanatory but you’d be surprised how much of your sculpt is intermediate/advanced features that have just gradually become muscle memory. Think about how often intersecting/subtracting is used (eyesockets!!) and both are features you’d likely never experiment with because, it really just would not occur to many people that there may be features there. Also, we’ve grown with the program. Also, we may be more technically inclined than a very young person just taking up the hobby. I had taken a break and felt lost when I booted up Nomad and it had taken the great leap into the 1.6s