Questions and requests

Hello, thank you for developing a great app for android and iOS. But I have questions and requests for your product.

  1. Do you plan to add the “Mesh filter” tool from blender or the deformation tab in Zbrush?
  2. Add radial symmetry please!
  3. I’m confused that there is no “Continius” option from SculptGL in the brush setup.
  4. And why is there still no news about updates to the program?
  5. Will there be tools that simulate cloth?
  6. Add an algorithm that does a Boolean operation on the mesh (For the “Trim” and “Split” tools).
  7. And why does the “Project” tool flatten the masked areas, even though it shouldn’t?
  8. It’s strange that your application doesn’t have a Zsphere analog.
  9. Add the ability to isolate each plane for Triplanar.
  10. Polygroups???
  11. Add the ability to snap a line at 45 degrees (Degrees can be adjusted in the tool setup).
  12. Will it be possible to create a dummy just by creating a sketch (Search google and youtube for “sketch based modeling”)
    I’m really waiting to hear back from the developers.

Translated with (free version)

  1. Maybe but it’s not high priority.
  2. Probably in the future.
  3. I’ve never been a fan of continuous stroke, so I didn’t put it in Nomad.
  4. Change logs for next release iOS update time-table?
  5. I don’t know yet.
  6. I don’t know yet. Fast, robust and precise polygonal booleans on high poly mesh is easier said than done.
  7. It shouldn’t, can you reproduce the issue?
  8. It’s not strange at all. Making software is hard and takes time.
  9. Need to think about it.
  10. I don’t have any tools that can leverage polygroups so it would be useless as of now.
  11. Need to think about it.
  12. Not planned for now.
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  1. For next release actually.

Lol your response to number 8. Some people just do not understand this. Thanks for all the hard work you do you app is awesome.

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