iOS update time-table?

Nomad has become an indispensable part of my own toolset and over the last month placed a a considerable focus on Nomad within a five-day concept design deep-dive seminar where most folks are just discovering the tool.

There seemed to be a fairly regular pattern of updates in your development till recently and it almost feels like we’re getting close to three months. Nomad is likely be a pipeline tool yet its hard provide expectations to new artists and applying it to a much broader scope yet not having the slightest hint of what/when we’ll be get to feast our eyes on new tools and capabilities…

Please give the community some expectation of when we will see the next update and what features will be rolled into that.

If, perchance, I missed a location where you have already shared this, I’d love to check it out.

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The next release will mostly focus on rendering improvements.

I wanted to release last week but I kept on adding small things left and right.
Mostly because I didn’t want this new version to be fully focused on rendering.

The only thing left to be done are shadows, probably a few days of work but I’ll take a break in the following days. So I hope for a release for the first week of january.

Here’s the current changelog.

render: depth of field
render: screen space reflection
render: ambient occlusion
render: bloom
render: vignette
render: grain
render: chromatic aberration
render: tone mapping
render: fixed frame accumulation for better quality (fxaa removed as well)
render: directional light and shadows

files: use less memory when importing glb files with layers (prevent possible crash)
files: fix glb write when naming a mesh or layer with special character

voxel: better precision thanks to automatic reprojection
voxel: remesher keep the transform and the symmetry plane
voxel: boolean intersection (hide all the meshes)
voxel: the displayed resolution value now makes sense

interface: slider accepts manual numerical input
interface: scene static infos on top left corner
interface: cube quick snapping on top right corner
interface: 4 fingers tap to show/hide the UI
interface: painting menu unified for all the tools (no need to change tool to use “paint all”)
interface: allow left-handed mode for bottom/top bar
interface: centralize all scene display settings on top of the settings panel
interface: when tweaking a material, the object will receive an interactive live-preview
interface: add alternative color picker (wheel)

symmetry: fix the plane not being displayed correctly when the menu is opened
symmetry: gizmo plane edit interaction fixed
symmetry: on/off value is saved per object

stroke: fix accumulate behavior
stroke: pointer offset (for small screen and finger, a bit experimental though)

scene: prevent viewport selection of hidden mesh when using isolate
scene: you can apply painting on multiple meshes at the same time

environment: fix env processing sometimes crashing on very special case
environment: slight improvement on quality (especially for sharp reflection brightness)

tool: new tool “Mesure” (distance between 2 points)
tool: “View” tool will ignore “outline”, “show symmetry” and “darken unselected” options

camera: add the option to save/load multiple viewpoints
camera: turntable found in about section (top left nomad logo, no video recording though)
camera: add option to save camera views

gizmo: taping on a mesh to move pivot position now works fine
gizmo: can use free rotate by clicking inside the gizmo free space
gizmo: can roll-rotate by using grey arc circle
gizmo: switch between free/roll rotate by using 2 fingers instead of 1
gizmo: custom pivots is now saved per object instead of globally

stroke: switching between stylus and finger inputs is improved
stroke: add world space radius option (versus screen-space radius)

alpha: add 16 bit support to avoid stepping artefacts
alpha: projection improved to reduce distortion

files: can read zip
rotate: fix rotation interaction
layer: update the behavior when sculpting on a layer with intensity < 1.f
background: add image rotation slider
matcap: can rotate matcap (3 fingers drag)
android: spen improvements


Very exciting, sounds almost like a year worth of updates rather than a few months.
Enjoy your holiday break!

Thank you, brother! This is a wonderful look into what’s ahead and it sounds like it’s right around the corner. I appreciate the level of detail you’ve provided to myself and the community. It appears that I underestimated what you would be accomplished in several weeks.

Great news! Something good to look forward too! :+1:t2::partying_face:


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This is insanely great news. I wasn’t very excited about all the rendering stuff, so I wasn’t looking forward to the next update. But you’ve added a ton of other features and improvements. I’m very excited now! Thank you for an amazing app.

So excited!

Oh wow!! The added features are giving me goosebumps!! Especially those related to rendering. Can’t wait to recapture my work again!! Can’t wait for it!!