Future update

Hey, @stephomi, you can tell us what something new is going happen in next update, because I’m so excited to know that, lol

Scroll to bottom of change log:

……and the update is going to be huge again. So much small but useful things!
And you can even test it in a web demo!

If you keep your eyes open and read and search carefully the forum, you will be better informed than any other user of any other app.

Yep the web demo is often updated with the incoming features.

There’s also a Discord where I’m active as well.

The next release should come in the following days.


The web demo for what useful when you have nomad sculpt?

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Web demo is the most up to date version that can be used to test new features before they’re released properly. We can report back any bugs or issues before the app gets put into the App Store.

the web demo is life lol. Thanks to her I can keep busy at work between two clients lol. But above all, it makes nomad a must-have app (even if it already is)