Nomad web demo

The next release will focus on light/shadow and post processing.

I also made a small web demo:

You can already test some of the postprocessing effect.

pretty nice stuff there, I’m super excited for this release… although I have to admit I was bummed to see the depth of field grayed out :frowning:
but, I was about to start playing with paint on the project that I’m working on, but now I think I’ll wait till this release. Just the AO alone makes it worth it. Thanx @stephomi

Under development :slight_smile:


Very impressed. Thanks

So glad this is still up. It is perfect for my kids to try and play with and it does work on the iPad! I have the paid app and love it! But my kids have their own accounts and have been showing a slight interest. It’s a great way for them to sample and play until they decide they want the full version. Please keep the available. I have also had some of my students use this version this semester as a trial before we buy the app. So glad it’s still available.


This is a very amazing project. Will the web version exist as a long-term official version and launch a paid model? For users who use computers and Wacom, this version may be very necessary. Open source projects and this demo may not meet the needs of this group.

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SSS sssnake :vulcan_salute:
Finally SSS with transparency in Nomad. Great fun,

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Is there something to check in settings? I’m trying to achieve this effect and it doesn’t work.

Did you try Material menu -> Subsurface?
Best to have a strong light in your scene (with a dim environment).


Strong backlight and these material settings. Works only on thin parts of the model. Keyword: cat ears with sunlight from back.

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Translucency is already in?

Yeah, check it out!

Wow!! Is this coming?

Go ahead and try yourself. Link to web demo is in first post on top. New Subsurface material.

Everything is painted white, except nose and eyes. The rest is done by SSS and a strong light from behind.

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Yes, now it works perfectly. Thanks.

Was just playing around with it myself, it’s pretty damn awesome I’d say

The new masking shortcuts are fantastic as well. Some work in demo with fingers only. If you tap mask shortcut and put your pencil on screen and hold, it swaps to SelMask. And a bunch more options.

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Niceee! I’m always looking for the Selection Mask tool, I like this new gesture!

Thank you ! so much great features in the works

Yes it is so much better. But you need a bit of practice to learn all masking features. If you press mask shortcut and hold finger on canvas, it will switch to SelMask and stays there till you long press again. Means once in lasso mode, you stay in lasso mode, even when you leave masking and go back later.

Blur and sharpen are working just by tap on masked area for blur and unmasked for sharpen. No need to hold mask shortcut for this.

SelMask clears mask as well when masking in empty space without holding mask button on top.
Both tools are doing same clear invert when holding mask shortcut and masking in empty space.

I guess that’s it. Masking will be much nicer!

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