FFD deform box

Hi Stephane!

I think it would be great to have something like a FFD Deformer (Free Form Deformer) for objects.
I mean a simple box with control grid to deform a mesh!
I’m not a coder, but I guess this world be (relatively) easy to do (don’t beat me if I’m wrong :grin:) and it would provide way more control over the shapes and would be a step toward modelling…

And another wishes:
Please move the intensity of paint downward close to the colorwheel!
Cause one has to scroll up and down to reach.

And last but not least:
A (permanent) quick button below to clear/invert mask.

Greets Marco

About masking, get used to shortcuts! There is a big update coming, but already now you can use zBrush like gestures for all four features.
Hold mask button & tap on canvas to invert
Hold mask button and stroke on empty canvas to clear…and so on. Check manual.

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Uh, didn’t know that!
Thanks very much for reply providing those Infos! Appreciate that.

Looking forward to the update.
I love nomad.

Check out the Webdemo. Better to use fingers only, there are some issues with pencil and fingers for those shortcuts in web browser.

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