Custom palette/Quick menu

Can we have a customizable quick menu triggered by 4 finger swipe or tap and hold or something like? People familiarized with raster apps like artstudio, procreate etc know what i mean, it’s a very useful feature.

I’d like to speed up my workflow having the chance to access actions like invert mask, clear mask, select color etc without having to go and dive into every menu.

Also, it would be nice if we could costomize the toolbar by leaving visible only the tools we use the most. What do you think about this?


About masking - do you know the existing shortcuts? You should learn them.

From the manual:

Quick gesture

You can perform zbrush-style gestures while holding the quick masking button:

Action Gesture (hold lower-left shortcut)
Invert Tap on the background
Clear Drag on the background
Blur Tap on masked area
Sharpen Tap on unmasked area


And you can mask immediately with mask brush by holding the mask button.

Other than that a quick menu for other tasks could be helpful for sure.

I love the custom palette in Infinite Painter.
But Nomad already use space very efficient.
Top row is occupied by primitive menu.
Could end up very crowded if not as pop up only.

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Yeah I like that quick menu idea