Shortcuts or tips to improve workflow

So I recently learned that I can hold down the mask icon and click off my object to invert my mask or drag to erase it. (Just like Zbrush). I’ve been using the menu for a loooong time to do that before. Anyone else discover little time savers like that they’d like to share?
If there’s a way to blur or sharpen a mask without going into the menus that would be a life saver too.

Hold smooth and you can highlight multiple objects easily. A quick way to delete a mesh is to use the delete key on a keyboard. :+1: there’s a couple others, these are the most useful though (and the Mask)

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You forgot sharpen and blur mask, depending if you tap on masked or unmasked area while holding mask button.

My tip, never forget the manual.

-three fingers up-down for brush size.
-drag over select square in scene menu to select multiple objects quickly.
-tap on stats to collapse or extend stats for each single object vertices or collapse scene vertices and selected object scene vertices only
-tap and hold on navigation cube to lock cam orbit. Tap again to unlock.
-tap on navigation cube to snap to plain front, top etc. view.
-to mask single objects after simple merge multiple objects, hold smooth and tap.
-three finger drag to rotate environment & lights
-tap tool once to activate, tap a second time to open save and clone menu.