Features - materials / general selection workflows

(feature) saving materials and naming them

(Feature) Lasso Selection of parts for quick selecting - when i need to select all objects to merge or assign a material, it takes a very very long time and if i make the mistake of touching the screen on an object it can select that one and drop my selection. so pretty frustrating at times.

(Feature or bug?) so i constantly select other objects by mistake. its the 1-tap select another object and i get this issue every few minutes. i feel like there was a lock selection option?. but i have looked all over the app and cant find such a thing. so if it exists please let me know. its driving me crazy lol.

(feature) zbrush probably has something like this ( i havent used it in years) but a draw a stroke on a surface and that mask will make a tube-mesh - so perfect for pipes/wires or a way to make cages and structures around surfaces.

(Feature/bug) - so had the unfortunate discovery that postfx/ environment settings dont stay within the project im working on, but reset and stay that way. So had a project i made and finished. put it aside and went onto another and returned to see the postfx was all broke and all settings were set to my new project :(. so a way to lock these settings per project would be a great feature. or maybe a disclaimer ( this doesnt save/ this does.

(feature) Any sort of editable spline object would be really great ( probably hard to make). happens that id like to make a silhouette and move some points to adjust. we can do this with move/drag/ mask-gizmo. however not super precise and messes up topo and edges pretty quick.

(feature) Map-cap+PBR compositing. you can create amazinf effects by combining both. right now i must do this in procreate and its only to combine 2 or more matcaps to my pbr render. a basic compositing system ( add,subtract,multiply) of mat caps would be very powerful

(feature) matte painting on plane - i have faked scenes in nomad by using the reference image in renders. but when i rotate it stays flat. a way to have a moving plane that can be used as a matte painting would be very useful

(feature) Mask Color - Opacity settings: i have it often hard to tell what i have masked. its a dark almost black. however on dark assets its very hard to see, id love to set bright green mask colors so in any light situation i can see the mask and not mistake it for dark paint color.

(Feature) Triplanar viewport settings - i often build now with the triplanar tool to add details to my models, but i like to see the model under to know where the draw details into the triplanar box, its very difficult to see models under it. an opacity setting would be great and would fix the problem

(feature) Image to vertex paint ( with radius stamp). id love to be able to texture/paint quickly by reusing textures or images i own. so dragging a stamp over a model and it drops the pixel color onto the model would be super for speeding up production times.

(Feature) mass selection - mass setting or materials
for example: - Select All > Assign grey/ 0.2 roughness/ 1 metal > apply/ paint all.

I have seen a “global Material button” but it doesnt appear to do what i expect - i thought this would apply a global material or would be the default global material when creating. it appears to be more, this color is shared between brushes ( i dont use it as i generally sculpt and paint at the end.)

thanks!. if any of these exist please let me know. i may just not have discovered it. :slight_smile:

You can add a shortcut for lock selection in the Interface menu. The icon will appear on the bottom left.

All the postprocess are saved, make sure to save the project.

To see masking, simply disable the scene painting (settings → “Show scene painting”)

If you want to apply a global material, just select all the objects and use “force paint all”.
It takes ~10 seconds with multi-selection (holding the selection checkbox in the list)

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ohhh, this tip is actually useful for me for an issue I was having…thanks! But masking is still showing regardless of this setting. Perhaps I’m misunderstanding…

I think ideally it would be best to have vertex colors and masking as separate toggles.

I have two workarounds:

If you set opacity down in shading menu, you can see through your model and mask. Helps sometimes. Unfortunately you can‘t see through plane from opposite side. Anyway, drawing mask from other side helps sometimes to see mask more clear.

Did you try new selection method in Scene menu? Just stroke over checkboxes and you can select multiple objects in one stroke.
I agree though, that lasso select has visual advantages but when you keep your scene view organized and named, it helps quite a bit.
So yes for lasso, but I have no idea how to integrate in actual philosophy?