Things I miss during sculpting

First I wanna thanks developer, this app with post effects is a killer hehe…

And it can be the best app ever, with some adds it even can beat Zbrush in the future.

This is the list I gathered with first days of using Nomad.

I will be add here my suggestions:

Scene menu:

When I start sculpting and splitting objects to smaller parts I found in the minute I have thousands of parts, uff,

We need there Groups, add/remove objects to groups, select them, every group should have own pivot/gizmo to manipulate more than one object in the same time.

Voxel menu:

We need some kind of automatic retopology, like Zremesher, but something simple and effective.


Insert tool - possibility to clone object pick from Scene objects, and from import .obj,

and set its size before you clone.

PreStamp tool - to catch own sculpt to alpha on proper height and intensity,

something you click it and pop out a plane or box in proper place and size and camera view,

you just sculpt on it, click “get alpha” and save menu appears…

Tube tool - in advanced version, when you create a tube points,

tool generate clones in chain from selected mesh,

also predefined diameter shape from alpha/object to pick, not only default circular tube shape,

and should have diameter on point to set before click,

Stroke and Brushes: - most important to me :wink:

to create awesome brushes we need more functions in stamp stroke, we need rotation/random rotation,

scale/random scale, brush should have in background pick this info from sliders,

under tiling random slider, depth slider for alpha, and direction like in Zbrush…

Also when we save brush, it’s should remember pressure radius/intensity settings on/off…

Background menu:

Reference image should scale with object you sculpt in the same time.

Camera menu:

Orbit mode as default,

also I would like to have (I’m left handed), in right bottom corner below material pick buttons, own set of buttons,

for example 4 in row or 2 columns, which I could fast change saved cam views or most used tools/brushes,

in left hand I have pencil, so right is free and ready to click…

OK, this is all for now, when I discover more I will get you more…

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A long list!
I would sort it for your personal priority and a doability check.

Well coming from 25 years old Zbrush, for sure there are lots of features one would love to have.
Just keep in mind: ZRemesher was outsourced by Pixologic. Good rendering is a third party plug in solution.

When I started with Nomad, a few month ago, the app was very nice already. Since then, lots of great features were added, an unreal amount of features compared to other, even very expensive software - all by one person for programming, support, webhost, sales - everything.

As I understood his way of working, it is a compromise between priority, UI implementation and degree of difficulty.
If there is something easy to implement and program, it is very likely it will come soon. If not, like grouping etc. it can take some time.
But remember how many years you scrolled through horrible tiny tiny tiny sub tool menu in zBrush. Then you bought scene manager which was nice, now you are back in tiniest subtool grave, but with grouping - hurray.

One thing is for sure, you’ll have to get used to some workarounds till things are coming.

ZRemesher: forget it, or do you want nothing else happening for months?

Insert brush
Check the app carefully before requesting. You can use clone, the active object will now be inserted.

Brush Alpha.
Under debug, you can activate heightmap, after, you can render or screenshot. No one click solution, but A solution!

Tube advanced.
Clone along path with active object is a nice one!
Different shapes is requested quite often. Will come sooner or later.

Brush head rotation, fixed, random is really needed. Random position as well.
Alpha depth….have you seen mid point beneath alpha pic selection?

About UI placement - I don’t exactly what you want to describe, but have you checked all existing options? You can flip almost everything.

I would like to invite you having a deeper look in here

Maybe you’ll find more of your requests in there. I am constantly checking as well. :vulcan_salute:

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If neither of this wishes is done, no problem,
Nomad is a fantastic app, it’s like shop with toys when I was kid.
One thing that’s realy help now is implementing groups in scene menu,
I think this is relative easy.
The others wishes can wait even forever,
I love this app, especially post when I present my sculpt…

Ohh i forgot one thing: import textures and export, I like paint on 3D objects,
I would like do it all in Nomad, don’t jump to Procreate for example…


A grouping feature would be a HUGE blessing!

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Background menu:

  • environment
  • color
    - image import with blur/exsposure sliders and move/scale like reference image option