Rem Sculpt plus Feedback

Made this sculpt of rem in my free time to test out the potential of nomad.

Nomad is extremely powerful and I cant believe its running on a mobile device.
The brushes are extremely customizable, its literally mini zbrush.
At this point asking for any extra feature would just be selfish.
Tho I’ll still mention a couple things that I believe could make it even better.
Two things I really missed is - soloing a mesh (idk if it exists, I couldn’t find it so I’m assuming it doesn’t)
and projecting details from high poly remeshed mesh to a multi res mesh.

also, the flatten brush is good enough but if was could work like the trim dynamic brush in zbrush, nomad could be used for decent hardsurf sculpts as well.

Other than that, my mind is blown.



What do you mean by « soloing »?

i meant, just showing one specific subtool/object if u have several objects in the scene.

Ah yes, you can hide the others objects in the scene menu, but that’s more tedious.

its pretty tedious where there are a lot of objects

Really nice model! :+1:

Maybe click and hold on the eye ball in the ui could initiate soloing. Click and hold again and it goes back to what was hidden/visible in the scene.