Multiselection/ Addative material / Glow material /UV -project from View

Some ideas for improvment!

  1. I would very much like to have a selection tool like a lasso. With the ability to add objects to groups. When the scene gets very large, choosing from the list of objects is rather problematic. You have to constantly turn off visibility in order to understand where the selected object is or turn on the contours - but with small objects it is difficult to navigate in the scene. Maybe add link/unlink function for objects.

  2. Is it possible to add a function for the stamp and the Grab-dynamic radius as it is done for the Polygon tool. (Try to explain in picture )
    This will allow you to more correctly and evenly make masks, text, ring and stamp extrusion. As an idea - at the moment the frames appear, the camera is fixed and you can stretch the image or mask as needed. Or add snapping?

  1. Png with alpha - as texture like addative Material - but its looks like have opacity 60 - not 100% soild.
    Can you add option for 100% opacity for drawing zone?

  1. Add a Glove material - which always glows even without directing light to it For example we can adjust of glow effect for more light effect.

  2. Uv -simple project from view? (Like in Blender) It gives so much opportunity for quick concepting things. For example, i can prepare 1 image with 3 sizes and just project texture to my quick sculpt.

  3. In Future -idea -
    Layers for Animation - for example, if I need to open the door - I can push the record button to record the movement/Modif object and after that play this animation in layer.

Thank you!
Iā€™m waiting for new updates for my favorite app!