Texturing (with stamps)

I got a question to a topic, i couldn’t solve by myself yet. It’s about texturing with alphas/stamps.

I find it quite difficult to texture larger objects like a garment. Often I have to apply the stamp several times, so the transitions are not very nice, or the intensity is not the same everywhere.

Would it be possible to apply some kind of automated texturing? You choose the texture, a scale for the intensity and then Nomad takes over the texturing of the whole object in a constant intensity and pattern?

Hope you know what i mean :slight_smile:

On the other hand, maybe someone can explain this area to me a little better?

THX and happy sculpting!

What you’re describing is triplanar projection the way Substance Painter maps its materials seamlessly around objects.

Adding this would be awesome and open a whole world of PBR material options, a feature that would take a while to implement I’d assume…?

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It would be a gamechanger i think.

Right now, it’s just too difficult to get textures onto an object with consistent and clean quality and intensity…often affecting edges and corners as well. It’s pain in the ass. And the models often have a lot of polygons, which makes the whole scene explode at the end.

I still hope that reprojection will be possible in Nomad Sculpt at some point (at the moment I often do it in Zbrush) or that Cozy Blanket will be a bit cheaper (this app is supposed to handle reprojection?).

I doubt cozyblanket will get cheaper (reprojection is available in CB but only in full price version and I’m holding out on buying, maybe if they add UV layout but not for now)

I also jump into Zbrush for Zremeshing and reprojection but then I usually jump into Keyshot for finalising an render (it also handles material projection but unlike Substance it doesn’t rely on UVs)