Triplanar Texture Projection aka Box UV

Hi everyone!

I would love to see a triplanar or box projection for textures. I’m working for over 10 years as a 3d artist and until this day: I hate doing uvs.

Today my department relies heavily on procedural texturing which is more than enough for our needs.

For my privat work in blender I love the none destructive workflow of setting up a material with textures or procedural generated content, and then continue to work on the mesh.

Nomad sculpt so far has the ability to display textures which was such a great step forward for me. The UV generation is robust and fast.
However having a projection system like in blender, with a blur slider to smooth the overlapping textures, this would be awesome!

I know nomad sculpt is a sculpting tool. But it already proofed that I can do art, from blockout to render in one single mighty app. Any chance for me that you spend a little bit time on the UV part?

Thanks and thanks for this awesome app! You are doing a great great job on this man!

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Unfortunately, I don’t know this Triplanar thing, but you can still easily project textures with Nomad… Do you mean something special?

There are also tricks for the UV.

Hi Holger!

Jeah it is actually kinda special but very useful.

Imagine a texture being projected by a projector from all 3 axis, back facing included.
The overlapping parts can be blended via a falloff slider.

This allows an object to have a texture without setting up a up.

It is more commonly used for procedural or tileable textures. Metall, Sand, plastic etc.

Your Cornflakes would be done by traditional UVs😉

The biggest benefit is, it is none destructive. You could still sculpt without manually setting up uvs

Ah, I found a video about it. Unfortunately, I think you will have to wait a long time for this function… Of course, it would be practical…Let’s wait…:wink:

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