Big request make with my heart :)

well, well today I got back to 3d a little on a pc via blender zbrush in particular and there is no photo, nomad is really just what it takes, I sculpt and I paint without worrying about the technical side. from there came to me an idea not so crazy as that, in nomad we already have the possibility to make decimation so a priori we could work on lighter models and transmit the high resolution mesh on them but necessarily we need the possibility of unfolding the uvs but there would then be no need to do it manually, a good little unwrap algorithm like in zbrush with uv master would be sufficient. I know that stephomi said it didn’t provide for textures etc. but imagine, we decime, oj automatically unfolds the uvs with as restriction a maximum number of polygons per object to not have an unfolding of 3h on an object with 3M of polygons (lol) we could imagine that we can simply convert the vertex painting in texture on the model with decimation and what will be the advantage? less heavy scenes but identical to what sketchfab displays on an ipad and voila. I know all this is utopian but I think that nomad should not necessarily be as complete as a zbrush because in its current state it is already fantastic. there is more than asking the good genie of the lamp;)