Dreaming big: I don’t suppose there’s any hope of importing custom shaders before UV support is in, huh?

I’ve been playing around with Shade and thinking how cool it would be to be able to import custom shaders from it into Nomad.

Though, lack of UV aside, I know performance would be an issue. Trying to load nomad sculpts into Shade makes it grind to a halt. Stephane is a wizard though so … :man_shrugging:


Yep you can forget about it :slight_smile: .

UV support isn’t even planned at the moment.


Hahaha that’s about what I figured. Thanks for killing my dreams so mercilessly. :grin:

He said “it’s not planned at the moment” it’s important lol. Our dreams are not dead yet. :grin:

Hahaha. See, custom shaders wouldn’t even necessarily require UV support. There’s a lot you can do without UV maps. Ah well. :grin:

I could be wrong about this…

But at least it looks like we may be getting emissive rendering in the next release :smiley: (If I’m understanding “additive transparency” correctly)

I read that as being able to paint just the transparency channel onto an area without the edges getting darker (which is something I’ve noticed). I could be wrong, though. :slight_smile:

It’s not emissive, simply an alternative to the current transparency blending. It’s not a big thing.


Paint transparecy is a strong feature for 3d designer.

hehehe…I stand corrected. That’s my bad.