Shade iPad app

Hey, has anyone here use Shade . Is it a good app to make shaders? Tell me your experience? Is the pro version worth it.

I think if Nomad Sculpt had a shader node system that would be awesome, but that would be asking TOO much.


No, but looks like they have a 14 day trial so maybe worth giving it a shot for free?

Side Note: Sometimes I’m concerned the trial period won’t be long enough for me to fully test out a software. You could always use a secondary iCloud email account to get an additional trial period to test it a bit longer.

@Laci_Laci Add this to your list?

Well I could add it, but is it really useful? From the description it said you can export to unity. So it kinda looks like a sandbox with potential use in unity only.?

If it would be something along the lines of substance designer that would be pretty cool, but I didn’t have time to try if this can generate and export textures.

I added it either way. Will check it out.

Does anyone know if this app has a color ramp like in blender? I can’t seem to find it.