Community collection of tiny but badly missed features

Let’s collect ideas in one thread, but only basic tiny requests.

Nothing like Low Poly modelling tools, retoplology, UV painting. Just tiny things which you think they can be implemented quickly but would change a lot.

  1. Grab dynamic with move option.
    When checked a transform icon appears
    Hold & move for moving brush
    one tap on it = stamping
    Double tap to leave.

The option to move a once dragged brush is super basic, please :pray:

And if you want to do it like a boss and want to be better than zBrush etc. than you could go this way for inspiration:

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Way of selecting multiple objects at once just by dragging the stylus in a radius over the model. Arrow tool from Photoshop basically.


An “expand” tick box for Alpha selection similar to File selection.

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Auto mask unpainted.

Well I wanted to write:
But I probably would have broken my own rules.

But a algorithm finding unpainted vertices and mask them could already open a wide field of possibilities.

An example will follow :vulcan_salute:


Lock the perspective/zoom. Model rotation only.

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More layers of background images.
Each moveable on Z and with camera lock.

A huge helper for illustrations in 2,5 D.

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Made the request before but may as well include it here, locking mesh’s in scene so they can’t be selected.

A object freeze function? Yeah this helps.

Select by material. Tap on a material and choose “select by”

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Click and drag left/right on the voxel button on the ui to change voxel density… perhaps with a little preview of voxel size like Blender does, it would be awesome.


Ok. This is a long list of tiny tweaks focussing on serious hard surface sculpting. But each single one could already help.


  • Adjustable grid size
  • Grid for any basic orthographic view. Front, Top, Left etc
  • Grid snap for corner and / or lines
  • Snap support for SelMask, Trim, Split, Project, Tube, Lathe

Polygon / Shapes

  • Long press on polygon reopens last shape.
  • Save shape
  • while polygon creation, smooth switches to SHIFT means constraint to 45 degrees
  • Two buttons for polygon and optional (tick in onscreen menu) for all virtual shapes like rectangle, curve, lasso.
    Green = execute & close, stamp = execute but polygon still active
  • Long press on Tube, Lathe reopens last created curve.
  • a polygon brush like a vector brush creating a polygon according to brush size with optional rounded or hard caps.

Let‘s go for more like this


Just to also say, thank you for everything you’ve implemented so far based on our requests Stephane, we’re a hungry community with our creativity! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Note that I don’t really spent time on feature request anymore, I even thought about closing this forum category, I just receive too much of it.

I do read everything but I’m much more interested in the overall « problem » rather than « ready-to-use » proposal.

For example, I summarize internally the last @knacki post by « improve the 2D shape thing and snap/grid » (I already know about that because I remember lengthy request about shape improvement).

I usually do something about when multiple people complain about the same thing.

Bug reports are always priority, usually fixed in the day.
But more and more I tend to ignore feature requests (even more so concerning UX/UI).


For sure, ignoring is the only way to handle the request flood.
You need to follow your development path without getting distracted.
But Inspiration is everything, isn‘t it?
I don‘t care if it‘s one or two years later and you wake up having a genius idea.
Totally different but maybe inspired by something read in here.

I already use some features implemented after I asked for that long time ago.
And I am super happy and grateful for that, like the polygon tool - awesome.
(Those days I didn‘t even had to wait :pray:)

I am not expecting, I am not complaining.

If you remember some requests, it is already a very good sign :grinning:

Double tap on transform clone icon to lock it and continuous cloning till one unlock it again? No? :blush:
Solved , just hold clone. I love this guy :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to add, that does impress me the most about the development side of Nomad. I’ve noticed how quick bugs are hunted down and laid to rest. Stability in one of the primary creative suites I use is very comforting to know.

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Note that the shape thing will be reworked someday.

Not sure if you know it but you can hold the icon for the same behavior.


I think a voting poll on a specific need might be better? Like if you see somebody has given you an Idea or you have some other ideas, you could open a poll on a few of them to see which is most important to the community.

I know Nomad will never be Zbrush, nor do I want it to be. The scope is way to large and complex for a solo dev, but there are still a few things missing that could help artists with their work if they want to use it professionally.

Obviously fixes and stability/performance is No.1


No poll.
Stephane knows very well what he wants and what his road map is. There are already way too much things to do.
Procreate suggestion part is a good example that not only the most needed stuff gets popular attention.

@stephomi thank you for the hold clone option hint. That does the job quite nicely!

And now……back to tiny improvements folks.
It’s not only about requests, it’s about suddenly someone has a hint that it is existing somehow, like holding clone for continuous cloning :vulcan_salute:


Holding the clone button, best work flow from George Lucas :rofl:

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Mask grow
Mask shrink

And crazy thinking but lovely:
Convert mask border to smoothed 2D polygon to use with tube, trim, split.
Mask extrusion etc. never produce the quality vector options do.

Add a button “+” and “-” into the save file to add the version at the end of the name like in Blender.