Mask features request + hard surface

Those are useful for painting details and protect specific area in detailed mesh

  • shrinksMask, growMask
  • mask by cavity
  • mask by peak and valleys
    Those for hard surface detailing
  • Poly group or face sets With extra options
  • Hpolish brush
  • Trim dynamic brush
  • deformation panel’s for polishing

This is how it works


Trim dynamic and trim adaptive

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I think trim dynamic is more or less similar to the flatten tool.

Maybe I’ll add an option to lock the plane, similarly to the trim adaptive.
I just need to think if it would be an option on the flatten tool, or another tool.

As for the other option, that’s a lot :slight_smile:, so not planned for now.
Maybe shrink Mask and grow Mask as they can also be used for other purposes than hard surface.


Not need to be in next release but in the future, thanks for take the time to reply and congratulations excellent job on the app…

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I’m going to add to this since I also have some masking requests, but I would love to be able to use a brush like smudge to modify the mask the same as any paint layer to have a more intense blur, and to be able to do things like a curves filter on masks (which would help with things like a grow/shrink, as well as letting us do things like mask out the border of a selected region)

also from my experience with trim dynamic I think it automatically stops after a certain threshold of mesh curvature but I dont use it too often in ZB


Hpolish is a fantastic brush with a wide range of uses. Doing some stylized rocks for work right now and find myself moving back to zbrush a lot for the last clean up that otherwise takes more time to to in Nomad. So an upvote for adding something similar to Nomad from me.

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