Feature Request: Grow Mask


Forum is growing fast, with lots of requests and posts, so sorry if this been asked before.

My request:
Would be so nice if one were able to grow and shrink a mask.
Right now it’s sometimes hard to reach parts of the mesh with a mask, especially if the mesh intersects with another part of the same mesh. Growing/shrinking a mask would really help here.

Keep up the good work!


I really need this feature as well. Seems pretty simple to implement.

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Really need that feature now. What are the Alternatives?
Maybe blurring and then sharpening?

Grow / Shrink Mask would be a tremendous help in manipulating a hand mesh: Mask an easily accessible finger tip & Grow the Mask til it successively reaches the needed finger segment, invert mask, pivot & bend with the Translate Gizmo.

Without the feature, my current recourse is to begin modeling an open hand with fingers slightly splayed so each digit can be Lasso Mask Selected, blurred, inverted, then moved. It works, but after the initial pose, further attempts at isolating a finger segment(s) can be painful.

While we’re being greedy with feature requests, it would be stellar if a wishful Grow / Shrink button be bound to the + and - keys for those sculpting with a keyboard attached. :smiley:

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g inflate.json (2.2 KB)
Check this tool for inflate, was shared by @stephomi and is really useful

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Yaaaa this is a necessary

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