Grow/Shrink Mask

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this so I’ll just say that it would be a very welcome addition to the masking tools.


Yeah that’d be handy! You can kind of approximate it now by tapping blur a few times, then sharpen to grow the mask, repeat. If you invert, then you can grow the mask in the opposite direction, so that when you invert again, you’ve shrunk the mask.

Gets tiring doing this a few hundred times though. :slight_smile:


Don’t know why I never thought of that but a dedicated button is what I’d prefer.

Maybe something that functions like the mask engrave/emboss process. You set the figure (positive figures to grow mask, negative to shrink) and then you hit the ‘grow/shrink’ button

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That would be super useful having these two extra buttons:

Grow is just the blurred mask multiplied with the current mask (probably rather 1-(1-mCur)*(1-mBlur)), and shrink is invert → grow → invert