The new "shape"-option is awesome

Took me a while, to figure out, what the new entry in the change log actually means, but man - this will save us a lot of trial and error when using Sel-Mask, Split etc. Thank you, Stéphane.

For those who want to know: In the Nomad Webdemo - when using either SelMask, Trim, Split or Project: After drawing the shapes (lasso, polygon, line, rect, sphere) those shapes stay in place and can be moved around, before being applied. This will make it way easier to place the shapes correctly and in return will save a lot of time.


And while we are at it : Do you think it would be possible to add a cancel button as well? So the shapes stay active after having been applied. This way a specific mask could be applied multiple times.
Maybe a “repeat” option in the selection menu (where line, rect, sphere etc. are located) would work as well.