Nomad web demo

Will this be put into the Android version?

That’s really useful to know, thanks!!

Yes Android as well.

For the mask shortcut I added “single tap on background to invert mask”.
But I’m not sure I’ll keep it as it collides with the double tap to focus camera.


Hi! First of all: I’m a new user of Nomad Sculpt and I just want to say that I love it a lot! You are a genius :grin:

I think it won’t collide right? But I guess every user is different. I guess that’s why a lot of devs end up solving issues like this by just adding a ton of options, like a “double tap delay”, alternate gestures, an option to chose an additional “triple tap” (which I believe it’s a bad idea because it adds unnecessary complexity for the future).

I’ve been following the development of Blender for years and I see this problem a lot.

Anyway, thanks for improving the mask tools! Every person has a different workflow and I personally like to go like: “mask an area > invert > smooth mask > move unmasked > clear mask > mask another area > invert > smooth mask > move unmasked > clear mask > mask an area > etc”.

So I added the delay thing, but only for the mask invert shortcut.
It feels ok to me.


Niceeeee :blush:

This update looks incredible! when is it coming out?


I uninstalled my 1.65 and I will unly get back to it when the 1.66 releases, so I hope stephane does this soon

I will uninstall my 1.65 in solidarity with you! So bad that we have to wait for this free update for so long. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Not actually free, because the app is hella expensive in Brazil ( R$90,00)

You’ve already got the app. It works perfectly since it’s release last November. You think threatening to uninstall until the next FREE update comes out will speed things along? It just makes you seem a bit entitled dude. The new update is going to be worth the wait!

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Nope, its not about speeding the things dude, I just want to use the new features, so I unninstaled and im using the web demo. You guys get the things too personal

So you can’t keep the app and use the webgl version?

You can.

Sounds like he may just be protesting the delay in the next Nomad release.

Okay, but what I was trying to say was, why can’t he just keep the app and use the web version at the same time. Sorry for my bad word structure.

Yes, boycotting the app won’t really affect the developer since the developer still keeps his money.

Thanks freaking awesome thanks !

Actually no, i know youre a sweetheart waiting for trouble, but youre wrong.

You did the ID thing!!! Oh wow….so many things in there I wished for… instancing, grouping….


Unpopular opinion, is it possible to make the web demo more like a pwa instead of opening another tab and typing the address