My Projects Thread

So I came across this really nice landscape illustration by Suresh Kumar and decided to try recreating it using Nomad Sculpt 1.66 Beta. This is how it went. Still missing a few items but I’ll add them in whenever I feel to jump back into the project again.

Slightly better Quality + Short Process Timelapse (Thumbnail Flipped lol)

Link to original 2D Illustration:


Very cool!! Loved watching your process as well :grinning:

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Thank you :blush:

Really beautiful illustration and camera movement. Besides, the camera movements are very fluid, how did you get that?

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Hey thanks. For the camera movements, there is a first person camera mode in 1.66. And you can use the keyboard arrow keys to navigate around the scene.


Thanks you :pray:

Holy crap that’s impressive! Lively to see an “outdoor” shot “in” Nomad. Not something you see everyday. Hopefully this will start a trend!