Pushing it on a scenery sculpt

I just thought I’d see how Nomad and my ipad handled a heap of polys.
The goal was to create a scene all in Nomad and find ways of creating things without importing models.
I had no crashes and I could have added more to the scene. Not bad Nomad.


That looks great - really atmospheric! Can I ask - what iPad do you have and how many polys was it?

Thanks. I have the 2020 ipad. Its saying 8.26M vertices with 1743 MB of ram used and 2445 ram Free. So there’s a lot more I could add. Nice to know for us if we go for big scenes in Nomad. :+1:

Whow, really Nice piece !! Love the atmosphere ! I’am curious about the way you made the foliage of the tree, any advice or breakdown?

So you can create beautiful leaves. After that, it’s a matter of placing hundreds of instances on the branches.


I should have done it like this but I made my own leave and grass, no transparencies.

If you’re referring to the video, it’s not about transparent background textures with leaves, but “real” 3D leafs without transparency.

I made very low geometry leaves and created a branch then added them to it and cloned that over the tree.
Same thing for the grass. The tree and the bank was the only thing I sculpt and textured.
This is a work in process image after creating the composition.


Cool, Yer I wasn’t sure how Nomad did this. Very cool, I didn’t use any textures to create the leaf shapes.
I definitely will next time. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your answer, very nice work, i will try it, love the composition and Light you did :clap::clap::clap:

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your scene is just amazing. the lighting is magical, congratulations

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Aaaaaaaahhhwsome. Love it so much. Well done!
Maybe a Little Snow :rabbit2: to tell a tiny story? Or a little stream? I like the contrast between white snow and a liquid water surface. Lovely anyway.


Very impressive work :ok_hand:

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I swear you people are aliens with what you can accomplish. Phenomenal

:joy: thanks mate


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