Thanks for this amazing software!

I want to say a big thank you to the people behind Nomad. This software has literally been life changing for me. I sculpt elements of nature (mainly) in real life for zoological habitats etc. Before the builds, I used to make drawings and physical maquettes. Hours waiting for plaster, glue, paint to dry all in a draughty freezing cold workshop. Now, it’s in front of the fire with my cat purring next to me. Im still learning the UI (which is awesome) but the tools, process and painting are the same, such a nice learning curve! Just need to get those poly counts down now :slight_smile:


Really cool model! And very interesting the use of Nomad in real projects.

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Thanks! The scenes might not be visually compelling unless you are a biologist or habitat geek but for my work flow, Nomad is a great tool. I’m hooked.

Another one of my humble little night scenes using Nomad.

This was done quite quickly (one evening) and that included making all those ficus leaves and ground plants. The ficus roots I had pre made and just needed placing and adjusting with the move tool. The fallen rocks I had pre made and the main rock wall was a LiDAR scanned piece of rock which is near my house. It would have been just as quick to sculpt that rock face directly in Nomad though.
I had never made leaves before so was glad when they turned out mostly OK, not perfect but that wasn’t the objective. Happy that I got the complete amount of vertices to about 500k, much less than previous scenes.
Feels like I am learning something new all the time, such a nice flow at the moment. I expected to be just making single objects on my iPad and building the scenes Blender. Still complete beginner with Blender BTW, I am going to push myself as far as I can with Nomad before I need to use Blender more.


Wonderful! Do you upload directly from Nomad to Sketchfab? I mean exporting and importing without editing with other software? Blender is easy, at the first time you could be afraid but not.
Will be great to record the iPad screen process of creation and upload it to youtube to watch it.
I love it, congrats!

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That screen record like what Procreate has would be a good feature!

I just merge all the layers and parts of the scene together, save and then export as .gITF. I then upload the file directly to Sketchfab. So, no other software involved.

Im about 10 hours in with Blender tutorials and still losing where things are!

Shortcuts are the key for Blender!

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I hadn’t tried it yet but i will.

+1 Totally agree. Love this software!