Nomad Sculpt desktop version (or at least a fee-unlocked web assembly?)

I love Nomad Sculpt- it’s insane that Stéphane has built it all by himself and it deserves the attention it gets (moreso). It is so much more intuitive and snappy than using Blender or ZBrush to sculpt with. I find it to be an incredibly powerful tool on my iPad.

However, my iPad is only 12.9 inches wide, and I have a really expensive cintiq just sitting there aching to be used! I know it was mentioned a couple of years ago that it wasn’t planned, but are there any more recent thoughts on porting this brilliant app to Macs/PC?

Even the Web Assembly demo works great and seems to have most if not all features present, if only we could import/export from it? I wouldn’t even mind re-purchasing as it’s a new platform.


Yes, I’d also really love to see Nomad for desktop (preferably both macOS and Windows, maybe Linux as well). The SculptGL variation that’s already there already wets my appetite.


I dont know if Apple has something like this, but i use Nomad on my Windows laptop in the Bluestacks Android Emulator, and it works fine. Maybe look for something like that?


Oh! What a fantastic idea- is it registering pressure with a Wacom driver?

I don’t know actually. I have an old wacom, i should hook it up and have a play.

On pc with xppen and mac and wacom the web assembly take pressure into account

Yeah I’ve found this. I’m perfectly happy with the Web Assembly version. I just wish it wasn’t limited to a demo, it’s such a tease!

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This web assembly thing, its nomad? Also, yesterday I experimented and mirrored my screen to my big huge tv. It let see stuff much better. I may get a standalone tv to use in this fashion for my study.

Hello. I am using nomad sculpt only on a samsung laptop with bluestacks too, but I have a big problem.
I have made a couple of characters and for me it is a dream come true. I have being dreaming on sculpting for 5 years but was unable to do it on blender, too complicated and zbrush, I do not have enough organs to sell to pay for it.
But I do Have a big dilemma that has kind of stopped me to continue developing my skills and that is that in bluestack, at least for me it is a pain to navigate because I can’t move with the fingers the position, I can’t move the object right, left, up, down, zoom out and zoom in with the fingers.
When the character only has a head I can deal with the keyboard or with set cameras view but when the characters get more complex it ends up being quite painful and slow. So my question to you is, can you navigate with the fingers? I tried to find out if maybe there a setting that I need to change or something but I have being unable to find something that fix this issue.
I have being researching for a tablet to solve this but I am not doing very well financially. And I do have a samsung tablet but is old 2014 so nomad does not work on it, I have a samsung pc and I have this little samsung tablet PC with 4 ram where I have being using nomad with blue stack with the only issue of the finger navigation, so is kind frustrating to just invest in a super expensive tablet just for this? Uff. Because if I am going to invest in something new that I do not need for anything else I need at least 8 ram as a minimum to make it worth it. And I have an issue I hate apple and their Ipads, I find it ridiculously expensive for what they are, to me they should cost half and include the pen and the keyboard. Also I don’t trust them at all, after the fiasco of downgrading their products performance and battery life through secretly “up dates” I feel that if I buy something from them every month it will go down hill. My samsung galaxy tab 2014 is working like the first day I bought it. Some dream I think would be to get the future galaxy tab 9s plus or ultra but I may need to go and rob a Bank LOL.

My quesiton is if it could be used on a MAC or PC could you utilize better processor and more ram to be able to achieve higher polygon counts like Zbrush?

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My iPad died (battery has finally given up even after a repair to get it going again), and I have purchased Nomad Sculpt for iPad. I just found the web version is still working and after trying it out on my windows PC it runs smoothly. I will be upgrading to a Huion Kamvas 24 plus very soon and was really hoping the web version might become a standalone program…I’m more that willing to pay in advance to make this happen!!!

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This is why I run Nomad Sculpt on a high end Chromebook, they are kinda cheap, and you can get them with lots of ram. I have an Acer 713 , which has 16GB of ram and a intel i5, it was ~600$ refurbished and you can buy nice styluses for it.

The Acer 713, has a crazy good screen and feels like a premium device - 13.5" 2K (2256 x 1504) 3:2 IPS Touchscreen. I use a high end Penoval USI Stylus with it (4096 levels of pressure). You can hook them up to external monitors, and some Wacom tablets work with Chromebooks.

There are better Chromebooks available now, and they go on sale all the time, but you can get really premium devices and they are more affordable than an iPad.

It runs linux as well as android apps, so you can have Blender, OpenSCAD, Unity, Nomad Sculpt, Simplify3D, Cura, MeshLab, F3D, Krita, Inkscape, ArtFlow, Adobe Android Apps, Gimp, etc all on one device.

I’m such a dork that I use linux Makefiles to generate lots of models in OpenSCAD which I later then import into Nomad Sculpt, the platform is nearly perfect for me.

Then I setup it up to sync with my google drive, and now my 3D projects show up everywhere, sync’d automatically. So I can seamlessly move between my windows, linux and chromeos computers.

At the moment Google is working on getting Steam to work on the Chromebooks, they want them to be usable for 3D gaming, so this also will bring along discrete GPUs, there are rumors that we’ll soon see Chromebooks with discrete Nvidia GPUs.

It’s a bit buggy but when it works it’s amazing - I’m hoping as more people realize how good the platform is for this that they’ll be better supported.

The problem is that ChromeOS is still not perfect for this, they recently updated the OS and broke Nomad Sculpt.

But I feel the Chromebook, if supported as a 1st tier 3D editing platform is pretty darn good. The security features are excellent, and you can get very powerful chromebooks, if you’re willing to pay for them.

If you decide to buy a Chromebook for 3D stuff, you need to make sure you get one which supports the stylus input, they make the Acer 713 in a version that supports stylus’s and one that doesn’t. Also check the end of life on when Google will stop supporting the chromebooks.

Also know that Nomad Sculpt is currently broken on the Chromebooks, I’m hoping that between me pestering Google or perhaps @stephomi fixing it, that it will be working again soon.


Do you manage to solve your navigation problem somehow in Bluestack ? I don’t want ot buy tablet only for Nomad too and Bluestack would bo good choice if navigation would work.

Yes and it makes a huge difference

You need to enable it. I did this month agao so I don’t remember how is done, google it. I just remember is a little bit tricky to do so.

Would be extremely great if Nomad has desktop version.


Hello, it will be amazing when the nomad sculpt comes to the laptop.

The good thing about this is that you can increase the memory
Do you think the Surface laptop will be suitable?

The chances of there being Chromebooks with NVIDIA are slim to none. When it comes to consumer level and portablity, NVIDIA doesnt have an edge anymore compared to the more efficient architecture of ARM, AMD and Intels integrated graphics. The days of needing dedicated graphics for decent GPU demanding applications are gone. NVIDIA simply isnt focused on it for this very reason. Otherwise, they would have released a predecessor to the X1 (Nintendo Switch and Google Pixel C).

Also, Google and Apple do not want to deal with the third-party hassles because its not justified, especially when you consider the disadvantages of an extra silicon on the motherboard.

AMD has handheld APUs that are impressive. Im not aware or tablets with them though.

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You can export and import with his first rendition of the app SculptGL - A WebGL sculpting app
Thank me later!

Minisforum has one called the V3, coming soon. It appears to be using a Ryzen 7 7840u. For comparison, I’ve been using an older Ryzen 7 6800u device with Bluestacks, and the performance has been more than fine. I have encountered a few weird bugs, such as rendering glitches after saving with post processing enabled, but I attribute those to the fact it’s running through an emulator, on a piece of hardware that is hardly mainstream. Once this hits PC natively, it’ll easily be the best thing to ever happen to the PC 3D sculpting scene. I’ll die on that hill.

Unless they can deliver a desktop without effort, I can’t see any advantage to have Nomad available for PC really. They could do a try but I think the time and resources can be better applied to have better ui/ux and optimization for mobile where the options for sculpt/3d paint are almost inexistent.

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