Nomad Sculpt desktop version (or at least a fee-unlocked web assembly?)

I love Nomad Sculpt- it’s insane that Stéphane has built it all by himself and it deserves the attention it gets (moreso). It is so much more intuitive and snappy than using Blender or ZBrush to sculpt with. I find it to be an incredibly powerful tool on my iPad.

However, my iPad is only 12.9 inches wide, and I have a really expensive cintiq just sitting there aching to be used! I know it was mentioned a couple of years ago that it wasn’t planned, but are there any more recent thoughts on porting this brilliant app to Macs/PC?

Even the Web Assembly demo works great and seems to have most if not all features present, if only we could import/export from it? I wouldn’t even mind re-purchasing as it’s a new platform.


Yes, I’d also really love to see Nomad for desktop (preferably both macOS and Windows, maybe Linux as well). The SculptGL variation that’s already there already wets my appetite.


I dont know if Apple has something like this, but i use Nomad on my Windows laptop in the Bluestacks Android Emulator, and it works fine. Maybe look for something like that?

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Oh! What a fantastic idea- is it registering pressure with a Wacom driver?

I don’t know actually. I have an old wacom, i should hook it up and have a play.

On pc with xppen and mac and wacom the web assembly take pressure into account

Yeah I’ve found this. I’m perfectly happy with the Web Assembly version. I just wish it wasn’t limited to a demo, it’s such a tease!

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This web assembly thing, its nomad? Also, yesterday I experimented and mirrored my screen to my big huge tv. It let see stuff much better. I may get a standalone tv to use in this fashion for my study.