Nomad for pc?

Hi, I have been using sculptris and blender for sculpting but nomad sculpt is a better tool , would love to see a desktop version as there aren’t any good sculpting software . zbrush and mudbox are too complex for begineers😅…


Agreed. Would love to sit at my big huion tablet and use Nomad Sculpt.

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Seems this won’t happen anytime soon, although I’d gladly purchase it for twice the price even. Nomad is such an easy sculpting medium and trying Z-brush and Blender sculpt just makes me frustrated after getting such crazy results with Nomad.

Hopefully one day Mr.S will release it for us, as I myself have already created several assets for my game in Nomad. It’s a great tool and I wish I could use it on a device with more power!


We can currently use the web demo on the pc, so maybe we could have a login for existing customers allowing full use of Nomad through the browser? Stephane obviously doesn’t want to create any further work for himself, so I’d think a separate PC app is not going to happen.