PC app request

I was thinking with the recent updates and improvement so far in nomadsculpt, I’d love to see a PC app in the nearest future. I really love this app,

Hi, I don’t think that makes much sense. Porting Nomad to PC, there are several reasons for that in my opinion:

The first one is that there are already existing programs, more powerful ones like Zbrush, Blender, 3d-coat.

Zbrush, clearly the winner of this list because it is more powerful, and considered the standard industry.

If Nomad enters the market at least it would require more expertise and would cost more to be able to compete with the big companies.

The creator of Nomad has chosen the right policy from the beginning, keeping the focus on portable devices like the Ipad, which allows him to be one of the first, and not to face a lot of competition.

Also Nomad philosophy to me is its simplicity and intuitive use, I think it’s not worth giving up. If you compare it to Zbrush.

It’s just my opinion, why I don’t see the point.


On discord Stephomi said a desktop version could be in sight for end of this year. We will see.

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considering the web “demo” is already near identical and runs on the same codebase… I’m very happy to pay a third time (bought it for my ipad pro, my android phone, and honestly I cant wait to buy it for PC in some form)


You’re right but as a 3D artist, Nomad sculpt is more easier than the other programs. My tablet don’t support other project than a head. It’s depend how you use nomad sculpt but it will be very helpfull for us if wa have a website version.

this is correct.
Porting to windows and macos is loads more work. no more a 1 man project with love. have to ask more money because more overhead. Clients will sooner start complaining and he needs a customerservice. Competing with the big boys he needs 20 coders and more overhead. The iPad will be a forgotten case. Cheap Chinese/Indian copycats will arrive, Zombies are walking around, all vulcanoes will explode simulaneously and gods wrath will burn the planet.
Don’t do it

Generally you’re right, but in the case of Stephane/Nomad you’re totally wrong.

check out the web demo on a pc, it already runs wonderfully, all that would be needed would be a few more UI changes for camera movement (which already works fine if you have a touch screen + pen)