Is this going to ever have a desktop release?

version for win?
or Linux?

but since SculptGL developent got abbandoned.
and now we have vulkan wouldn’t it nice to use this rendering metood that is crossplatfrom?
don’t really care about Mac users.

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Not planned for now but maybe in the future.

Nomad uses OpenGL and the desktop version already works, but there’s more than just technical concerns.

Would it be too difficult for the web demo version to have a code for registered users to gain access to file saving & undos? I suppose that would open things up for piracy, which currently can’t happen on iOS devices (although there is evidence that it’s happening on Android :(. )

I would definitely go for this. I’d love to work back and forth between the two while speaking the same language (so to speak). The Blue Stacks emulator doesn’t handle the translation very well. It crashes easily.

One big UPVOTE from me !