Why no Mac version still, in mid-2024?

I refuse to believe it would take any extra development time to click a couple of toggles in Xcode and simply allow that version to work on Mac. Don’t worry about Windows – nobody cares about Windows – but your iPad app is 100% compatible on Mac right now. It is. It’s perfect and functional and there’s literally no issue with making it available. So what gives?

You could release it in the buggiest state imaginable and I would still prefer it to Blender literally any day of the week. I would pay $100 for it or even more (like Affinity). I would even pay up to like $20 a month to use it. I sincerely don’t understand why you have the absolute best 3D modeling app out there period and just refuse to make it available to the one platform that actually matters. Just do it.

It does matters obviously.

Main reason is that I don’t want to release Nomad on too many marketplace on desktop.
It requires extra accounting, updates, etc.
So I want to make sure that Nomad desktop releasing isn’t rushed out.


@stephomi please, let me know when it will be available on Windows computers. I’ve been waiting since last year. The waiting is killing me, I live in constant uncertainty and I check the forum every day hoping that this premiere will appear :slight_smile:

Please give us at least an estimate of when the Windows version of Nomad Sculpt will be released. I am very eager to use it on my PC. Every day, I visit the Nomad forum to see if there are any updates about the Windows version. Could you at least release a beta version?

@stephomi Just do your thing. Don’t rush it :slight_smile:


A strategic drop of the desktop version will put you in direct competition with zbrush … and they will feel it , sales wise … th day they put out the iPad version … nomads desktop version should drop if finished. … it’s WAR OF THE PIXEL PUSHERS!!!

nomad登录PC意义将变的非凡,可能会是将一个辅助工具,地位提升到专业工具。甚至载入史册,不妨听听大家的意见。The significance of Nomad logging in to a PC will become extraordinary, potentially elevating it from a supplementary tool to a professional one. It might even be recorded in history; let’s hear everyone’s opinions on this matter.

I would love to do my sculpting on my 22 inches tablet, but the way people ask stuff in this forum is funny, if i was the developer I would drop the project and get a job at Maxon hahahahahaha And F… Mac’s, Windows all the way hahahahahaha

I don’t even care if it takes a while - it still works fine through BlueStacks. Just let the man cook until it’s done. Can you imagine what you’ll be able to do if it has proper GPU acceleration, and full access to gobs of system memory??:drooling_face::drooling_face:

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