PC/Desktop Version

Please Please add version for pc
I want to buy Again this great APP


For now it’s not planned, mostly because of the extra maintenance work that it would cause.
Typically how to sell the app (steam?windows store? own custom licensing? etc), managing wacom support, etc

That being said I’m making sure that Nomad works well on desktop, so that the extra work would be minimal if I want to do it at some point.


is there a possibility to create features or plugins.
You know I’m an Android developer and in some free time in sculpt digitally but I think I could add some features to your app

No feature/plugin available.
It’s probably even worse in term of maintenance as it means I need some kind of API to maintain forever.

Maybe in the future when I’m sure I could provide a stable API, but even then I would need to choose a script language.

In any case that’s lot of work and I don’t think it’s really pertinent in Nomad’s case.