Beta test for iOS 1.66 (TestFlight)


I have a TestFlight for Nomad 1.66, the release is planned for ~mid august.
This is mostly for bad bugs/crashes or regression, not really improvements/feature requests.

If you are interested, just say so (I’ll use your email forum for the invite, no need to write it down).

Known Issue/bug/improvement:

  • Non uniform Scaling with scene hierarchy is a bit tricky. I’ll probably change some stuffs in that regards. So far Nomad was always making sure that transform never had non uniform scaling (by baking vertices automatically). But with hierarchy it’s a bit of a pain so expect some issues.
    Note that it’s not necessarily a bug (for example blender doesn’t do anything in particular and allow non-uniform scaling, but then the sculpting brushes will act in a broken way…)

Before using TestFlight, good to know:

  • It’s not a separate app, so it’ll replace your current Nomad version
  • Once the final version is released, it’s possible you need to go to the AppStore to updated the latest version (not 100% sure about that)
  • If an old file simply doesn’t load and it crashes at launch, then tell me about it, this is highest priority[1]
  • If you got important file, you can copy the whole Nomad folder before updating to TestFlight to be extra safe[2]
  • Layers now take a bit more memory, so if you have a file with many layers and you were on the limit of your memory limit, it can crash at loading time. If it happens you can still report the issue.

  1. Behaviour when it crashes at launch: your project is simply moved and you can relaunch Nomad ↩︎

  2. It should be relatively safe: As a test I deleted my “data” folder and relaunched Nomad, that way it forces Nomad to process every files (by regenerating thumbnails). If you can do the same, it’s nice but your iPad will burn though if you have many/heavy projects. ↩︎


Me!! :wave: I want to test out the hierarchy on the lynx character I’m working on.

I’ve sent you a DM on Discord. I was on the TestFlight group for iPad Gravity Sketch which was really interesting.

That would be awesome !

Sign me up [b…]

You should receive an email when Apple is done reviewing the app.

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If you have any tester slots left then I’m game? If there is one thing that I excel at it’s crashing Nomad with overtly large dragon sculpts! And hopefully the TestFlight log data will give you better insight into how M1 manages it’s memory

Can you include me on the list please? Thanks in advance!

me too, I would like to test if was possible.

I’d like to join the beta as well! :smile:

I’d like to join the beta!

I want to participate thank you.

Yes! It will be cool!

Yep, that make sense. Would be glad to join!

In other apps, I had a rollback option inside TestFlight.
And I really needed it once.
Will it be same with Nomad?

I am starting a complete backup of all individual files now!
On an external device.
And I really would advice anyone participating doing same.

Then will have a lot of fun!!

I don’t mind testing. [t…]

Mine is [w…]

Yes please!! Would love to beta test for this wonderful app!

sign me up please

Yes it will be the same.

I’d love to give it a whirl sign me up