Beta test for iOS 1.66 (TestFlight)

Mine is: [i…]

Edit: My bad


No need to write the email if it’s the same as the one registered in this forum.


I want to participate thank you!

I would love to test :relieved:

Sign me up.

Beta is available.

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Hats off to you Stephane, you have worked wonders to the stability of Nomad in 1.66! Remember that 15 million polygon dragon that kept crashing? Well, I bumped it up to 35 million and exported it as a 2.8gb OBJ and nomad didn’t even break a sweat, a file of that size in zbrush on my M1 Mac Mini would begin to have issues!


Can’t apply since I’m using Android but just wanted to say amazing progress from what I can see from here! UI, instancing and scene hierarchy are coming along nicely.


how to add in testflight ?

oh yes I received the email and I’m already testing on my ipad mini so I don’t mind my version on my pro and I can already say that it’s impressively stable. I was eager to test a rendering with lots of instances because I was sure it would crash lol and in fact not 32M poly instanced and rendered without problems.

I love the new way of rendering with the button that displays the progress of the rendering, it’s really useful because sometimes you don’t know if it’s calculating or if it’s buggy.

Hey! I would also like to test out the beta version. Thanks in advance.

Yes please. Sign me up.

I would love to be part of the beta! sign me up please

Thanks for the email! This version looks promising. Testing it in the morning.

Ready with backup. Ready for new Nomad!

I found a solution for decent backup.
I can tap on a folder, define backup task, define a destination folder for this. Further more I can define the sync frequency, and the age of data to be synched. That‘s what I was always looking for.

It‘s a paid solution but not much and can save your butt.

So please, let the fun begin :rofl: :vulcan_salute:

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Not to change the subject but out of interest what are you using to back up?

I am interested! Joined the forum just to say so. Big fan of the app so far but would love to test new features.

Add me plz. []

It’s FileBrowser Pro. The setup to make Nomad folder is a bit cumbersome inside FileBrowser Pro. But once there it seems to work.

You can view the log file to see what happened.
Maybe there are better apps, the usage is not super gentle smooth like in Nomad, but it works. I can’t tell what price it is, as I first purchased FileBrowser for X Euro and the the update for 5€.

But you can access all network harddrives and Cloud services.

If I would have a newer iPad with USB 3 connectivity, I probably would have simply used that.
But it’s quite a nice feeling that the backup is done every 24h automatically now.

What I am missing is my invitation :sob:
But C19 let me sleept last 24h anyway. :face_with_thermometer: