Nomad quits on launch, iPad Air 3

Nomad quits as soon as I launch it on iOS 13.7.

Ouch, sorry about that.

I got an iPad Air 3 as well and did the update as well, but no issue so far.

Are you on the last Nomad version 1.30?
Did you make some changes manually in the App folder “Nomad”?

I’m using the most recent release. I did add some alpha .png files to the Alphas folder. Should I delete them?

You can try removing them if the crash appeared just after you added them.
Renaming the folder “alphas” into something else is fine as well.

Also you can try to delete “settings.json” (ideally just rename it, it could be useful for me if it solves the problem).

If the issue persists, you can try to rename “autosave.glb” (if it’s present) as well.

Renaming the folder resolved the issue! Thank you.

Ah great!

Can you confirm it was the alphas folder?
Ideally you could send me the faulty png at if you have time (so that I could prevent the issue from appearing).

I’m doing something special for model dropped in “projects” so that it never crash the app twice, but I didn’t expect a png to be an issue ahah.

I sent you an email, it was a folder with a bunch of alphas.

I want to confirm that I encountered this issue multiple times with my Ipad Pro. It was also related to adding alphas to the alpha folder. I was only able to fix it by using files app to save them to another location, and then uninstalling and reinstalling Nomad. I found that when I moved either too many alphas, or perhaps the “wrong” alphas into that folder, the crash would happen again. I was not aware, until now, about the possibility of renaming the autosave file. Is the rename just a way to force a new autosave?

I also had an experience of Nomad making an extra copy of each alpha once it was imported.

Finally, I have had a error where the GUI image for the brush fall off shape only shows the left half of the brush. So, rather than a “mountain,” I just see an upward sloping line.

Thanks for such an amazing application. I feel about Nomad, a bit like I felt about Procreate, when it came out, “finally, the tool is becoming transparent, and I can get back to the matter of creation at hand!”

Yes but auto save management might change in the future.

As for alphas the correct way to import them is through the interface, dropping them in the app folder is a bit experimental but it shouldn’t crash.

If you can reproduce the crash in a consistent way because of some alphas, I would be interested in the « wrong » alpha.
Unless there’s another issue when importing lot of alphas (if you drop lot of alphas, Nomad needs to create a thumbnail for each one of them, maybe I don’t release the memory correctly when I process them and it run out of memory or something).

You can just delete the alphas folder as well instead of reinstalling the app.