Nomad sculpt not starting after crashing on scene save IPAD

Hey there,
Is there anything I can do to stop nomad from trying to load my last file on Ipad?
I have a complex scene, with a lot of tube curves (I mean a crazy amount :joy: )
Its been pretty stable but started crashing on save, so I simplified the scene and that was ok.
Strangely the files save in full so it was crashing on return to the app by the way but would load fine after.

How ever it started again and now won’t open nomad, stays with a black screen.
Anything I can do to bring back nomad?

I’ve also tried renaming the settings file and data projects to bring it back but no luck.

Ok I removed the autosave and project file nomad now starts. But I now have a file that won’t open if I move it back. Any chance I could send this to you to see if you can debug?

If I drag and drop the iPad file on to the pc demo that does load.
Fyi I’m using an iPad pro 2020.
Many thanks

You simply run out of memory, can’t do anything about that.
But you can send me the file if you want me to double check.

Ah ok makes sense, strange how I was able to to make the scene but not reload. But yeah would be great to have some text to say memory was low of possible? Thanks for the info.