The Program keeps crashing ever since the new update

Bug reports

Yesterday I started working on a project and it kept crashing. It crashed during a save, a remesh and a trim.

How many memory left on your device?
How big is the scene?

1304mb of memory left and 1505mb of memory used

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It also crashes when I’m using the edit gizmo during autosave. I’ve adjusted the autosave to every 10 minutes instead of 3 minutes. I’ll wait and see if this rectifies it.

Nomad keeps crashing during the Autosave. And it also crashed while I was toggling through meshes via the viewport.

It crashes because it ran out of memory, I can’t do anything about that (except preventing some operation and imposing some limits on the polycount).
Try using less polygons, it’s probably the only way.

Ok, merci monsieur. I’ve reached my limit on this iPad and it’s time to upgrade. Nomad just keeps getting better and better and now I need the hardware to handle its potential.

Would the deletion is some of my unused projects free up some memory ?

No it wouldn’t help because the limit is the RAM, not the storage.
Something that can help is to close any opened app.

If you got lot of memory left (“free”), it’s possible there might be an issue with Nomad.
But usually the crash on saving are caused by the lack of memory.

Thanks for your insight. I got too ahead of myself. I restarted that model from scratch. Trying to use less polygons.

I think this might actually still be an issue, I’ve had Nomad crash during auto save and then again with manual save.

It’s a dense mesh (15mill poly) 3gb memory being used but still have 9gb available!

Just a sculpt with no layers, paint or post processing

When you say 9gb available, is it the value being displayed on the top left in Nomad?

Yeah, and safari was the only other app open at the time

Just happened again during autosave and nomad was the only app running

Show me the “Scene” tab and the “Layers” tab (many artist are using the word layer incorrectly so I never know what they refer to).

I need more info than just “it just crashes”, if I can’t replicate the bug I simply won’t investigate further.

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The first time it happened I was smoothing an area and didn’t realise the autosave was counting down, might it have something to do with trying to process pencil input during the save?

FYI the mesh is at 2 sub division levels

Aside from the crashes you’re experiencing… I’m really excited to see you complete that model. Looks awesome man!

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Cheers, I’m really enjoying sculpting it :yum: seems to be saving ok now but I’m super wary about losing him (sculpted his muzzle 4 times this evening) so versioning up

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In 3Ds max it can help to open a new, empty scene and import/merge the model again. Maybe that’s your solution as well?

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Yeah, think I might take it into zbrush, zremesher and reproject onto fewer polys whilst retaining the detail then load it back in nomad